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Proposed Bylaws Changes 3/30/17

Social at Baby Animal Days

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Join us for our April social at the American West Heritage Center's Baby Animal Days on Friday the 14th at 4:42 PM. Meet at the main building. $9 Adults • $7 Children ages 3-11. You can RSVP here. See you then!

Proposed Bylaws Changes 3/30/17

Per Article 10 of the CVLA Bylaws, the Executive Committee is required to review the bylaws every 5 years. Which, just so happens to be 2017 (happy 5 year birthday CVLA!)

After a thorough review of the bylaws the Executive Committee and Webmaster would like to propose the following changes, which you can find below. For comparison, you can review the current bylaws by clicking here.

As per the bylaws, any changes must be submitted for review a minimum of 45 days before an official vote can take place. We are planning to hold an official vote at the next CVLA Business Meeting, Thursday, May 25th at 6:00 PM. We will also be soliciting an online vote at that same time for those who are unable to be in attendance. 

Please review the proposed bylaws changes and come prepared to discuss and vote on May 25th.

Changes are in bold and underlined.

* * *

Article 2-3: Scope & Mission
Acknowledging the important role of libraries in the Cache Valley area of northern Utah and southeastern Idaho, CVLA seeks to:

  • Facilitate communication, networking, collaboration, mentoring, professional development, and socializing among all persons engaged in any aspect of library services 
  • Promote awareness of library resources, activities, practices, and goals both within its membership and to the community at-large
  • Advocate on behalf of all libraries and their services, resources, and workers
Article 4: Membership
Membership is free and open to anyone or any organization interested in or engaged in library services or librarianship in the Cache Valley area. Membership is established by registering in the official directory maintained by CVLA’s Secretary. Any currently registered member is eligible to serve in a CVLA leadership position, propose amendments to these bylaws, and vote. Membership is continuous unless and until a member asks that their name be removed from the directory or CVLA is unable to contact them.

Article 6: Officers and Their Duties
  • Members at Large (4 total)
    • 1 year term
    • Nominating Committee will make every effort to solicit candidates for members at large to fairly represent CVLA’s constituency.

* * *
Explanations of proposed changes:
Article 2-3: Scope & Mission
  • We propose combining these two articles as they are similar. (If approved this will also trigger a necessity to re-number the other existing articles.)
Article 4: Membership
  • We propose this change to the bylaws to properly reflect how CVLA actually manages its membership directory.
Article 6: Officers and Their Duties
  • We propose this change to attempt to make the CVLA Executive Committee more diverse and to have better representation of our targeted membership. Traditionally the Members at Large positions have been unofficially targeted to have representation from Public, School, and Academic/Special libraries. By adding a fourth Member-at-large position we are hoping to add a voice to the Executive Committee better representing our total constituency i.e., paraprofessional staff, MLS students, and general ‘friends’ of libraries throughout the community.

Literary Potluck Social

You're invited to a literary potluck Saturday, February 25 from 3-5 PM at the home of our historian, Anne Hedrich! Bring a dish from your favorite book (or a great dish from a terrible book :P )!

***fiction or non-fiction, recipes can be detailed in the text or inferred***

Label it with the recipe name, and we will try and guess the book.

Plates, eating utensils, bowls, and cups will be provided. Bring serving utensils needed for your dish.

RSVP requested but not necessary: anne.hedrich@usu.edu


2017 Library Hero Award

We are very excited to announce that Shawn Bliss, Cache / Rich Bookmobile librarian, has been selected to receive our 2017 Library Hero Award!

Shawn has delivered library services to patrons in the rural parts of our valley for nearly 10 years and has been active in CVLA since the beginning, attending the very first planning meeting in January, 2012 and serving as a member of our Executive Committee twice. Congratulations, Shawn!