Incredible Showing at ULA Conference!

Our own Pamela Martin
conducts the business
meeting as ULA President. 
The 2015 conference of the Utah Library Association was held May 13-15 in St. George and programs involving our Cache Valley colleagues were very prominent. In fact, CVLA President Liz Woolcott did the math and found that while Cache Valley's population is only 4% of Utah, we were represented in 33% of the conference programs! Great work, everyone!

• Social, Dinner and St. George Library Tour sponsored by the Reference and Adult Services Round Table (Jason Cornelius is Chair)

• Personal Information Management Skills for Librarians and Library Patrons presented by Anne Dikema
• Marketing Like a Mad Man: So Easy a Librarian Can Do It presented by Paul Daybell, Adam Winger, Stephanie Western, Michelle Tippetts
• Research Data Management presented by Becky Thoms
• Local Connections: Creating a Community Librarians' Association presented by Joseph Anderson, Anne Hedrich, Shawn Bliss, Pamela Martin, Puanani Mateaki, Robert Shupe, Liz Woolcott
• Small Budget, Big Ideas: Stacking the Shelves with Help From a Stay-at-Home Librarian presented by Adam Winger & Stephanie Western
• Conference Keynote given by Lynne S. McNeill

• What We Learned from the Air Force and a Couple Bakeries: A New and Improved Instruction Website presented by Erin Davis, Britt Fagerheim, Kacy Lundstrom
• Fifty Shades of Greatness: Removing the Handcuffs from Library Staff Bondage presented by Paul Daybell, Adam Winger, Michelle Tippetts, Chelsey Hawkes
• Library Peer Mentors presented by LaCretia Burgess, Pamela Martin, Andrea Krebs
• Extreme Makeover: Subject Guide Edition presented by Kacy Lundstrom
• Latino Outreach at the Grassroots Level: Success with a Latino Advisory Council presented by Robert Shupe, Sherrie Mortensen, Ernesto Lopez, Zinthia Acevedo
• Reporting Challenges and Self-Censorship presented by Shawn Bliss
• Minding the Gap: How the Ben Franklin Effect Can Transform Staffing Limitations Into Powerful Library Advocacy presented by Adam Winger
• The Many Faces of Marketing presented by Becky Thoms, Darcy Pumphrey, Alex Sundt
• Innovative Solutions for Library Integration: Using iPads to Support Curricula presented by Angela Neff & Erin Sorensen
• Tech Tools & Strategies for Quick and Effective Content Creation presented by Adam Winger, Paul Daybell, Michelle Tippetts, Chelsey Hawkes, Brittany Benson
• Introduction to FDSys: Free Full-Text Access to U.S. Federal Publications presented by Flora Shrode
• Copyright Overview for Librarians presented by Becky Thoms & Flora Shrode

• Tablets Aren't Just for Moses by Bonnie Jorgensen
• Utilizing Data for a Fresh Perspective on Website User Experience by Alex Sundt
• Braaaiiinnss: The Zombie Movement in Teen Programming by Paul Daybell, Brittany Benson, Chelsey Hawkes
• UPLIFT Grant Phenomemon by Sydney Anderson
• Writing Center and Library Communication by Andrea Krebs