Cache Valley Library Association Bylaws

Article 1: Name
          The Association will be known as Cache Valley Library Association (CVLA).

Article 2: Scope & Mission
          Acknowledging the important role of libraries in the Cache Valley area of northern Utah and southeastern Idaho, CVLA seeks to:
  • Facilitate communication, networking, collaboration, mentoring, professional development, and socializing among all persons engaged in any aspect of library services.
  • Promote awareness of library resources, activities, practices, and goals both within its membership and to the community at-large.
  • Advocate on behalf of all libraries and their services, resources, and workers.
Article 3: Membership
          Membership is free and open to anyone or any organization interested in or engaged in library services or librarianship in the Cache Valley area. Membership is established by registering in the official directory maintained by CVLA’s Secretary. Any currently registered member is eligible to serve in a CVLA leadership position, propose amendments to these bylaws, and vote. Membership is continuous unless and until a member asks that their name be removed from the directory or CVLA is unable to contact them.

Article 4: Finances
          At this time, no dues will be assessed. Activities will be supported by donations or in-kind contributions and resources.

Article 5: Officers and Their Duties
          People holding the following elected positions will serve as CVLA’s Executive Committee; this committee leads CVLA, oversees its continued development and activities, and prepares an annual report detailing the activities of the Association during the previous year.

Elected positions:
  • President
    • 1 year term; rotates into the Past President position for the following year.
    • Duties: Coordinates the activities of the Association, including scheduling, calling and conducting meetings, and appointing ad hoc committees as needed.
  • Vice President/President Elect
    • 1 year term; rotates into the President position for the following year.
    • Duties: In absence of the President, assumes all responsibilities of the President.
  • Past President
    • 1 year term
    • Duties: Advises the Executive Committee and chairs the Nominating Committee each year. In the latter role, endeavors to form a diverse slate of candidates.
  • Secretary
    • 1 year term
    • Duties: Compiles and disseminates minutes, maintains official records and historical archive of CVLA, and is in charge of membership.
  • Members at Large (4 total)
    • 1 year term
    • Nominating Committee will make every effort to solicit candidates for members at large to fairly represent CVLA’s constituency.
Mid-term vacancies in elected positions:
  • In the event of a vacancy in any of the offices of the Executive Committee (with the exception of the President – see below), the current President will appoint a member of the Association that is in good standing to complete the term of the office vacated. The appointee may then be nominated to run for a new full term of that or any other office at the conclusion of their appointment. 
  • If the position of President becomes vacant, the current Vice President/President Elect will immediately fill the vacancy and complete the vacated term of the departing President, followed by the regular full-term that the Vice President had been scheduled to fill when they were elected. In this event, the position of Vice President/President Elect will remain vacant until the next election (it will not be filled by appointment).
  • If both the positions of President and Vice President/President Elect become vacant in the same year, then the remaining members of the Executive Committee are charged with conducting a special election as soon as possible in order to fill the position of President for the remainder of the vacated term (the position of Vice President/President Elect will remain vacant until the next regular election is conducted).
Appointed positions
  • Webmaster/Technology Consultant
    • 1 year term; appointed by the Executive Committee
    • Duties: Creates and/or maintains CVLA’s online presence(s) (“website”) and assists with technology needs.
  • Historian
    • 1 year term; appointed by the Executive Committee
    • Duties: Ensures the preservation of a historical record of CVLA by gathering documents that record the activities of CVLA during the year and submitting the collected documents to the official archive every January.
Article 6: Meetings
          Beginning January 2013, CVLA will hold business meetings on alternate months. The first business meeting of each year will be held in January.

Article 7: Nominations and Elections
  • The Past President will form and chair a nominating committee to solicit and collect nominations for elected officers, send out ballots, and tally the election results. 
  • Only currently registered CVLA members (i.e. listed in membership directory) may vote, be elected or appointed to office, and serve on committees.
  • Members may nominate themselves or others by emailing a member of the Nominating Committee anytime before November 15.
  • The Nominating Committee will compile and distribute a slate of nominees by December 1.
  • Voting will be conducted online and members will have until the end of the day on December 15 to vote. 
  • The Nominating Committee will count the votes and announce the election results online before the scheduled January business meeting.
  • In the event of a tie during the election of any office, the Nominating Committee will conduct a run-off election between the candidates for that office with the highest number of votes, commencing no more than 10 days following the previous election. The length of time for ballots to be cast during the run-off election will be at least 7 days.
  • At the beginning of the January business meeting, the previous year’s officers will introduce the coming year’s officers and transfer all vested power to the new Executive Committee.
Article 8: Amendments
          Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by any member at any time during the year. Amendments may be proposed during a business meeting or via email to a member of the Executive Committee. In either case, the Executive Committee will post upcoming amendments for consideration on the CVLA website a minimum of 45 days before being voted on in a business meeting. To pass an amendment requires 2/3 “yes” vote by members present at the business meeting where the proposed change is on the agenda; members unable to attend that meeting may cast a vote in absentia by emailing it to the CVLA Secretary no later than 24 hours prior to that business meeting.

Article 9: Bylaws
          CVLA bylaws must be reviewed by the Executive Committee at least every five years and may be reviewed more often as needed; the first five-year review is slated for 2017.

Approved: October 11, 2012
Revision approved: January 10, 2013
Revision approved: January 30, 2014
Revision approved: November 20, 2014
Revision approved: May 25, 2017