Call for Library Hero Award Nominations

Is there someone in the library profession or the Cache Valley community who deserves the title of "Library Hero"? Then now is the time to brag about them!

To nominate someone as the 2016 CVLA Library Hero, click here.

Tell us about your nominee at the link above. The deadline for submissions is Dec. 11, 2015. The award will be presented at the January 14, 2016 meeting of the Cache Valley Library Association.

Please note: nominees do NOT need to be employed by a library to win. There is no limit on the number of people you can nominate.

Examples of library service include:
  • working or volunteering in libraries 
  • developing new, innovative, pertinent, or effective library programming
  • promoting libraries
  • standing up for library principles in a challenging situation
  • completing library related projects 
and the list doesn't end there!  We look forward to your nominations!