National Library Week 2016

President JaDene Denniston wrote a great column for National Library Week which was published in The Herald Journal.
"Libraries are many things to different people but to me they are places of wonder. They are places where adventures begin and keep on going, where questions and answers merge together, yet they are so much more. They can take us to places we will never visit like “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” or the planet Jupiter.
"This year’s theme, “Libraries Transform,” makes me think of how libraries can and have changed people’s lives. Suppose you need the manual for your old 1967 Mustang. Libraries have it. Perhaps you need help learning how to use your smart phone. Libraries have that as well. Whether school, university, private or public, libraries transform lives and communities.
"Libraries of Cache Valley play a vital role in the lives of many people from helping a sixth grader find information on ancient civilizations, to a family planning a trip to Europe. Today’s libraries continue to provide books, resources, and information to their patrons. But today they are so much more. Libraries are living organisms continually adapting to better serve their communities. They transform lives through literacy programs. They offer employment support. Technology training is available. And don’t forget entertainment. Libraries provide vast activities for individuals, families and groups..."
You can read the full article here.