Sad Occasion for Cache Valley Libraries

Dear Cache / Rich Bookmobile supporters,

We're very sorry that despite writing letters, showing up to council meetings, and drumming up support, we weren't successful in stopping Cache County from cutting the budget for your library [see this post about the end of bookmobile services in just a few weeks:]. We continue to feel that decision by the executive and council was short-sighted and that it will negatively impact the education, literacy, and cultural lives of valley residents, especially those with lower incomes and those without a town library nearby.

We encourage everyone to use your libraries on a regular basis and talk to your friends and neighbors about what they mean to you. Make support for libraries a part of your social and political conversations. Ask candidates for office whether they support funding libraries and then take their answers into consideration when voting. Let's not allow a shameful event like this to happen again in Cache Valley.

Save the Cache/Rich Bookmobile
(a campaign of the CVLA Advocacy Committee)