CVLA at Five!

On October 11, our organization turns 5 years old so we're having a birthday party!

When: Saturday October 14, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Where: Logan Library, Jim Bridger room (park and enter the library on the northeast side of the building)
Bring: potluck item to share (something small and easy is fine!)

RSVP here:

At the party we will be sharing our memories of these great 5 years of CVLA. So please keep sending to :

✦ 140 letter or 150 word thoughts and memories of CVLA and CVLA happenings (mundane or exciting or anything in between) (Possible prompts: I remember when we… OR To me, CVLA means… OR The best thing about CVLA is… OR I couldn’t stop laughing when… OR Without CVLA, I would be… OR CVLA helped me with… OR CVLA gave me new ideas about… OR Everyone needs a CVLA because... or another prompt that you want to use)
✦ Any pictures you have of CVLA events

Questions or Ideas: contact your CVLA social planner folks or or

Woohoo!! Let’s Party!! Let’s Celebrate!!